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Research show that 86% of Travellers make their bookings online.
Showcasing Photography and a Video collection of your Hotel or Resort with beautiful crafted content can boost your booking rates by up to 45% or more. 
Hotel budgets are pretty difficult to come by at this time, our hotel marketing productions for your hotel, resort, destination, or restaurant gives you a positive return on your marketing budget. Working with a small production team on location mixed with our in house production capabilities, allows Creation Bureau to produce a comprehensive range of styles in photography and video including, people, lifestyle, interior, food, details and Aerial which allows us to be light on our feet and offer a competitive rate without any compromise in quality or production.
Our Skills & Abilities

We have an array of skills best suited to your production. Below is a brief outline of what we offer to help you create your ideal representation of your brand. We are straight talkers offering you exactly what you need for your Hotel, Resort or Destination

Hotel Photography and Interior Photography allows your customers to really understand your brand, the location and what exactly they are paying for. Beautiful photography for Interiors and exteriors captures the essence of the location and gives the customer the experience and feeling of how it feels to be there. Our hotel Photography and interior photography documents your location in the best possible way. Our high resolution interior photography when combined with authentic lifestyle and food photography gives s super overview of the quality of your hotel or resort.
Generally what we look out for.
  • Guest rooms. No one wants to stay in a room that’s anything but clean and inviting. But this will only get you passing grades. Showcase recent upgrades (such as your faucets or fixtures), as well as luxury rooms or suites. The little details count.
  • Restaurants or dining areas. Full-service hotels should make it a point to highlight their on-site dining facilities, which are often popular hot spots for locals and travelers alike. Many guests appreciate the added convenience of somewhere to eat on-site.
  • Amenities. Pools, gyms, parking, hot tubs, spas, saunas… whatever it is you offer that’s unique deserves a place in your photo gallery.
  • Meeting space. If you have meeting halls or conference rooms, you should draw people’s attention to these facilities. You can attract more business from the newly-engaged, event planners, and businesspeople by showing them the rooms that are available for use.
  • Recreation. Show your prospects the surrounding area, and highlight local events, attractions, and other activities that regularly draw tourists to your locality.
  • Lifestyle and people Authentic images of staff or non models can be cost effective. We have great experience in lifestyle and people photography and working with hotel staff. We will always get the best out of your model chosen with a relaxed approach and natural complimentary lighting Our relaxed way of working with subjects which are not models allows us to capture the essence and lifestyle of your brand, however if you require models then we can help choose, book them and arrange all sign off and releases. All pictures below are non-models and staff which were best suited to the role
  • Food. Hotel food photography needs to be subtle and reflect exactly how the hotel chef prepares the dish as creative art pieces to eat these are sometimes featured in Social media posts. Our photography of hotels, and luxury resorts food will celebrate the fine dining can show the beautiful crafted food designs by the resident chefs.


Hotel Video and ambient video helps Build trust with your customers – Our team shoot high-quality video which tells your story. We work from an initial script capturing all of the relevant material needed to tell your hotel and resort video story. Creating a section of digital assets for your website and for all of your social media posts.
Individuality – You’re hotel or luxury resort will have used interior design to create a theme and look in a certain way, it makes sense as a creative team to focus on the individuality These features are unique selling points
Room features – Many resorts and hotels set themes to not just the break out areas but often theme the bedrooms and bathrooms, sometimes relevant to the hotel location of business travellers engaged in travel-related video activities.

360 Photography & VR Photography

Travellers and holidaymakers search for hotels and luxury resorts.
Guests often like to feel that they can be fully immersed in any location, resort, or hotel before they book. A super effective way to transport your guest’s vision to your hotel other than just with a panoramic view or a standard room and space photograph is the ability to utilise 360 imaging which allows guests to see your hotel from all angles as if they were standing there with you. It’s the perfect way to step up your game and invite guests into your world. The customer can actually feel they are there.
These can be in the form of just a single 360 or VR image or with a virtual tour demonstrating all of the best areas of your resort. We offer 360 photography and 3D Virtual Photography.